Integrate various data easily - with powerdata's user-friendly integration platform

The powerdata:integrations system and service integrations integrate different applications and systems into your existing system landscape, even if they were developed with different technologies or platforms. Expand your business processes, add additional apps, or use our preconfigured service integrations.

Enjoy the benefits of a serverless architecture that scales with your needs. Use our platform with little maintenance, enabling you to increase efficiency and reduce infrastructure costs. The platform is simple to set up and easy to access thanks to the user-friendly interface.

Powerdata Integrations: Middleware IntegrationLayer as a Service: Event und API Management, Datenimport und -export, Output Channel Management

Benefits of our Data Integration Platform

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Cost efficiency

Data integration with powerdata:integrations – Software Features

Our user-friendly integration platform to increase your efficiency

Integrations Event Management

Event Management

Event Management system handles and manages events provided by integrated systems. It receives events or change notifications, enriches with additional information from the source system and transforms in the consumer required format.

API Management

API solution for integrating different systems with no or minimum impact on the standard interfaces of the systems being integrated. Extension with authentication methods, data transformation and granular access rights.

Integrations API Management
data import export

Data Importer/Exporter

No matter what language the systems use, we provide a simple importer / exporter that serves as a translator between the systems. This way, even solutions that do not have a REST or SOAP interface can communicate with service-oriented architectures. At the same time, we can organize, extend and transform data so that it is understandable to the target system.

Managed Service Connectors

Standarized service integrations allow quick integration with well-known service providers for credit checks, debt collection, customer communication and satisfaction or content managemen.


Process engine

We can design processes according to your requirements and add sub-processes, even in standard processes from third-party solutions. Put the customer in the focus of your processes, for example through customer surveys or personalized customer communication.