Powerful data platform to accumulate, process, analyze and visualize your data

Our data analysis software powerdata:analytics offers you all kind of tools and services that you need to accumulate your existing data, enhance it with external data, filter it and visualize it. This provides you with a better overview of your business processes and your value chain.

Powerdata Analytics:

Benefits of our Data Analysis Software


Faster and comprehensive data analysis


Better and easier reporting

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Centralized data storage

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powerdata:analytics Software Features

Our solutions for your data analysis and data evaluation

Datenübertragung von Powerdata zu Kunden

powerdata: datasync

Data is initially loaded, updated using Change Data Capturing (CDC) and thus always remain up-to-date.

For data storage and processing, we use AWS S3 and Redshift, which are DSGVO-compliant and run exclusively on European servers (AWS Region EU-Central (Frankfurt).

Additionally, the stored data can be linked to external data sources, e.g. to create dependencies and connections between data sets.

powerdata: analytics

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) provides secure access to the data. Powerful Redshift databases are provided for customer environments, e.g. production, test and migration. There are several options to create your own views on data from different sources and access historical data (key point based snapshots of databases) at any time.

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powerdata: visualization

For graphical data visualization we use PowerBI (Microsoft), which includes a set of standard reports and is connected to customer databases. These reports are continuously developed in cooperation with our customers. In addition, a section for customer-specific reports is under development to be able to respond to special requirements.

powerdata: reporting delivery

Our Reporting Delivery is an automated, configurable and scheduled system which creates customized and standard reports. Reports are stored in target directories on a time-bound basis and data can be exported directly to customers’ Excel templates. SQL queries used are also stored in the customer area of the database, allowing reports to be generated on demand.

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